Name That Tune


Name That Tune (NTT) is a game played every Friday where listeners compete against 3 of member of the show (Free Beer, Hot Wings, Eric Zane and Producer Joe) to quickly identify songs. Each week 21 songs are selected by the previous week's winner and spread out over three segments. Each segment two new listeners are selected, listeners and hosts "buzz in" by saying their name first.


  • Listeners have one exemption where they only have to identify either the artist or song title, as long it was not correctly identified earlier. (ex. If Hot Wings says the correct artist but the wrong title a listener can not claim the exemption and say the artist again.) The listener must say exemption before guessing and may not use the exemption again if they are wrong.
  • Song titles need to be identified exactly correct, however parts of a title in parentheses do not need to be identified. This rule causes much frustration and dispute in situations where titles get "poached" (for example, the title "Let it snow" is incorrect because the actual title is "Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow")
  • The word "The" can be omitted from a band name, the discussion of this rule has come up only in theory and there are no practical examples of this rule in use.
  • The winner picks the songs for next week, if the listeners win Producer Joe must pick the songs.


  • Listeners receive 1 point per correct song identified.
  • At the end of the segment, the names are placed into a headphone bag.
  • 1 winner is drawn & wins a refurbished 30GB iPod Video

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