The Knife Incident


During the February 7, 2008 broadcast, Free Beer presented the story of 72-year-old Mary Townsend of Washington State. Ms. Townsend had an accident in her yard wherein she tripped and fell on a knife. The knife lodged into her brain via her eye socket.

During the segment, Producer Joe was able to reach Ms. Townsend on the phone, and she was interviewed. Upon the conclusion of the interview, as "Eye of the Tiger" began to play in the background, Free Beer said to Ms. Townsend, "Mary, we're glad you're okay, and our best to you and your husband, okay?"

The interview was made incredibly awkward when Ms. Townsend responded, "He died. He died a year and a half ago."


What the guys didn't realize, was that this story was not a recent one, and that Ms. Townsend's unfortunate accident had actually transpired approximately two years prior.

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