A bro is 18-24 year old male who likes to play game cube and/or Xbox & listen to jack johnson and dave matthews band. There main scent is any of the Axe body sprays. Usually their attire consists of berkenstocks or flip flops, ripped jeans, an abercrombiee water polo with the collar popped, and a hat with a pre-frayed brim.


The show went into detailed discussion on what exactly a "bro" consisted of on April 14, 2008 when it was discovered that Intern Benercrombie was in fact a bro. Evidence was submitted to the show from Benercrombies Myspace page where he wore a seashell necklace and was in the company of some men that appeared to be bro's as well. One is sporting a pink polo with the typical bro "popped collar" and the other guy is shirtless. It is unclear in the second picture if the shirtless guy and Benercrombie are actually holding hands or grappling each others hips.


"Yo wanna come over and chill. We can play game cube and take off our pants."

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