Free Beer

Free Beer



Full Name

Gregg Daniels


As written by Hot Wings and Eric Zane

Free Beer is, without a doubt, the biggest baby in the history of babies. While he is clearly one of the all-time greats when it comes to insulting people or things, he cannot handle it when someone says even one thing insulting to him!!! In fact, if he's reading this at the same time you are, odds are he's now pissed because of the numerous insults. He LOVES making people feel stupid, but the fact that this was written in the first place no doubt resulted in a ruined day for Free Beer, complete with the now famous "Quiet" treatment, the "I'll whine like a bitch" treatment, or the "I'll Stick out my giant pale lips and be difficult" treatment. Free Beer is also bad at sarcasm, in that it's impossible to differentiate when he's being a smart-ass and when he's just being a dick. Free Beer loves all sports and is a certified trivia and stat geek. He really loves basketball. If the game of basketball had a vagina, he'd make love to it. Not a lot of people know it, but Free Beer used to do play-by-play for CBA basketball. In fact, he's looking to call donkey basketball games, if anyone's interested… Another little known fact about Free Beer is that he used to teach (As did Hot Wings). Yes, it's sad but true. The man who helped bring us the "Nimbus 2000" prank, the Warren Moon Porn order, and Flower Shop Forum calls has had a strong influence on the country's future workforce.

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