Free Beer

Burn King - He loves making fun of people (burning) and is good at it, earning him the nick name "The Burn King"
El Matador - Used during the Sportier Than Thou challenge because he is the master of sports trivia
The Beer - Simply a shortening of Free Beer

Hot Wings

Mayor of Awesome Town - Hot Wings once had this printed on a name tag for himself as a joke.
The Wings - Simply a shortening of Hot Wings

Eric Zane

Mr. Ten - Zane was in a man pageant during college.

Producer Joe

Donkey Teeth - Joe has simply huge front teeth, similar to that of a donkey. He can chew through a phone book in mere seconds.
Lettuce Head - Joe has, rather had big curly lettuce hair.
Enamelonius - Again he has mammoth teeth, this is his super hero alter ego.

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